To honor our fallen men and women

A community memorial, located in front of Simon Kenton High School, dedicated to honor local Military and First Responders who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The main intent is to honor national and community service…Armed Forces and First Responders (Fire, Rescue, and Law Enforcement) in order to recognize personal sacrifices and good citizenship.

 A secondary intention is to challenge current students to consider service to our country and community as an option in their career choices.


    The oak trees were dedicated in 1946 to honor alumni from Independence, Piner, and Simon Kenton High Schools who served in World War II. The memorial will focus on a geographical area defined by the Simon Kenton High School’s student base in southern Kenton County. Friends and neighbors within this portion of the county may have attended non-public schools and some left school early to serve in WW II, Korea, and Vietnam.

     Many of our first-responders did graduate from Simon Kenton, but not all. And some Simon Kenton Alumni serve with first-responder units elsewhere. It seems only fitting to recognize the service and the sacrifices involved.

     So, the focus of the memorial is to recognize service in the Armed Forces by citizens from southern Kenton County and as Local First-Responders for the communities within southern Kenton County. Perhaps you have a personal hero to remember.

    More information available in this FAQ document.